Tree of Remembrance

Our Annual Tree of Remembrance

Remembering those families we have served from All Saints Day through All Souls Day.
It is our honor and privilege to serve many families throughout the year. Each holiday season, we have on display in the main foyer at our Pennsauken Funeral Home our "Trees of Remembrance."
Personalized Angel ornaments adorn these trees in recognition of each loved one who has departed from November 1 through October 31, our annual memorial period.
It is our intention to make these ornaments available to the families as a permanent keepsake from our family to yours.
The "Trees of Remembrance" are on display each year through January. Families can make arrangements to receive their personalized ornament at the conclusion of the display period.

Below is our 2020-2021 Tree of Remembrance Tribute Video & pictures from our Annual Pick-Up Event.