Memory Collection Support System

At Falco, Caruso and Leonard, all of our ceremonies, from viewing and visitation to graveside service, include the use of the Memory Collection Support System. This gives the opportunity to include a family designed tribute such as a memory table, photo collage board, "memory by a friend" station, and personalized video tribute.

Meaningful tributes may include photographs, memorabilia, shared memories and activities that acknowledge the unique nature of the person and what that person has meant to others.

Photographs are a wonderful way to share a story. Sorting through photos allow family and friends to remember, laugh, cry and reflect on special moments. Photos can be placed in frames or a collage format, and can be arranged in or around the casket.

Memory tables provide families an opportunity to place unique memorabilia and special mementos in a setting that helps to recreate the story that most symbolizes one's life

Music can add a meaningful touch to any ceremony...your Funeral Director can assist you with your requests.