Remembrance Band

Everyone's Life Tells a Story...

The Carusocare Remembrance Band is a way to celebrate the life of your loved one. One of the goals of "Carusocare" is to continue with traditions held close in past generations, while modernizing them with the assistance of today's technologies.

During mourning periods in the past, women traditionally wore black dresses and men would wear black armbands as a sign that they had suffered a loss.

The "Carusocare" band serves as a reminder to you and as a sign to others that you have suffered a loss, much like the clothing did in the past. If you are approached and asked about the band, you can tell those who are asking who your loved one was and what they meant to you.

We all have individual methods to deal with our grief. You can expect to experience any of a wide range of emotions; none of which are right or wrong. When families and friends gather after a loss, they traditionally share some of the most important things that help with coping with grief; they are memories. Those memories, experiences, pictures, and stories weave together to form the tale of your loved one's life that will remain with you forever.